Teaching Graduate Quantum Mechanics and E&M

I will teach graduate quantum mechanics (Phys 4321) and E&M (Phys 5302) at Cal State LA in spring semester 2017. The textbook we will be using for quantum are Shankar’s Principles of Quantum Mechanics . The advantage of this textbook is that it goes through the mathematical apparatus of quantum mechanics at the beginning, then introduces the experimental phenomena which gave rise to its development.  The mathematical basis  includes Hilbert spaces, eigenvalue problems, and Poisson brackets.

The textbook we will be using for electricity and magnetism is Jackson’s Classical Electrodynamics.  This book introduces advanced electromagnetic theory and develops mathematical sophistication in solving electromagnetic problems.  Examples from electrostatics include vector identities, image charges, Legendre polynomials, boundary value problems.  After magnetostatics, Maxwell’s equations are introduced.  We will end the course with an investigation of electromagnetic radiation.

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