Teaching Graduate Quantum Mechanics and E&M

I will teach graduate quantum mechanics (Phys 4321) and E&M (Phys 5302) at Cal State LA in spring semester 2017. The textbook we will be using for quantum are Shankar’s Principles of Quantum Mechanics . The advantage of this textbook is that it goes through the mathematical apparatus of quantum mechanics at the beginning, then … More Teaching Graduate Quantum Mechanics and E&M

Physics 2100

Many videos were produced for this flipped class on  Mechanics and Thermodynamics, as the pre-lecture content was mainly videos. In class we focused on problem solving and tutorials, and post-lecture there was MasteringPhysics online homework.  Many review questions were discussed before the quizzes and midterms.  Below is an example of one of the videos.

Physics 3200

This python-based course on computational and numerical physics, has been offered for the first time in fall semester 2016.  Student response has been positive.  – Bijan Berenji

Videos on Physics 2100

There are many pre-lecture videos on Physics 2100 for Cal State LA which will present you with a fresh approach to mechanics.  This is indispensable for the flipped class.   Nearly 1200 views since the start of the fall 2016 semester. A presentation was given to the FLC at Cal State LA. presentation_11_10